The GAA (Sligo)

Bluestack Choir (Sligo and Limerick)

Katie George Dunleavy (Sligo)

Paddy Smyth (Limerick MC)

Paddy Smyth will be our MC for Beyond Limits Limerick. On his social media with the hashtag #mydisabledlife Paddy showcases that you can still live life to the full no matter what barriers are in your way and in general creating positive disability awareness. His positive attitude is inspiring to many. Paddy has appeared on … Continued

James Casserly (Sligo and Limerick)

James Casserly believes that everyone should have an equal chance in life regardless of your ability. James is a football coach and currently travelling 32 county’s of Ireland on public transport. James has Cerebral Palsy and Polyarticular Juvenile Arthritis. He is a power chair user and attends Crumlin Children’s Hospital every second Wednesday for his … Continued

Jack Kavanagh (Limerick)

In 2012 Jack Kavanagh suffered a life changing spinal cord injury leaving him with 15% muscle function, in the years since Jack has challenged the perceived limitations of his situation. In 2014 Jack gave the acclaimed TEDx Talk “Fearless Like A Child, Overcoming Adversity” and in 2019 was awarded as one of “Ten Outstanding Young … Continued

IRFU (Sligo and Limerick)

At Beyond Limits, the IRFU will show you what rugby has to offer. The IRFU currently have over 850+ players in their disability tag teams around Ireland and a further 700+ players that access the game that have a disability in many different areas and roles.

Adam O’Brien (Sligo and Limerick)

Adam O Brien is a 28 year old hailing from the county of Dublin and who has Autism. Adam also has Dyspraxia and a generalised anxiety disorder. Adam has not let his difficulties hold him back. At Beyond Limits, Adam will talk about himself, some of his achievements and how he has managed to overcome … Continued

Music Generation

Music Generation is Ireland’s National Music Education Programme that gives children and young people access to high-quality, subsidised performance music education. Music Generation believes in every child and young person’s musical potential and their innate artistry that it is every child and young person’s right to have the choice of access and the chance to … Continued