Call for Content

Beyond Limits The Ombudsman for Children’s free event for children and young people with disabilities is taking place this year in Sligo on 1st October and Limerick on 15th. And we are looking for YOUR help!

We want to make a short documentary which will allow Irish children with disabilities to share their passion and talk about their sport, art, hobbies and interests with their peers, this documentary will be shown as part of the program on the day.

We are looking for contributions from across the country to ensure as many diverse voices can be heard. We are seeking contributions from children with a passion for a hobby, sport, activity or interest, whether it is music, sports, acting, arts and crafts, dance or anything else, the more creative the better!

How you can get involved:

1. Email telling us a little bit about yourself – your name, age, where you live, what you love doing and how it makes you feel.

2. You can also record a piece on your phone and WhatsApp it to 087 102 9039 or submit via WeTransfer

3. We will reply and may organise a Zoom chat.

4. Closing date Thursday, 15th September

Parental consent and assent from the young people will be obtained before any material is shared or published.

We are also encouraging organisations and groups to send us videos/images of any activity/events etc they’ve engaged in this year. One of our goals is to showcase the diversity of activities available to young Irish disabled people. We feel Beyond Limits offers an exciting opportunity for organisations like yours to show a captive audience of hundreds of young Irish disabled people the kind of activities, hobbies, opportunities and services they might enjoy, but have never considered or even known was available.

If you or any of your partner organisations are interested in contributing to this project video, footage can be shared with us here or WhatsApp it to 087 102 9039